Πέμπτη, 31 Μαρτίου 2011

Kosovo court voids Pacolli election

se times

30/03/2011 Judges say the constitution was breached during the election of Behgjet Pacolli as Kosovo's head of state. By Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Pristina -- 30/03/11

Kosovo's newly elected president, Behgjet Pacolli, is going through an ordeal similar to that of his predecessor, Fatmir Sejdiu. The latter was forced to resign after the Constitutional Court ruled against him. ...more...

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Facebook protests catching on in Republika Srpska

se times

30/03/2011 A demonstration in the Bosnian Serb entity illustrates a rising trend. By Ljiljana Kovacevic for Southeast European Times in Banja Luka – 30/03/11

After Facebook users in neighbouring Croatia launched a wave of anti-government demonstrations, similar ones followed in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). ...more...

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Slovenia nuclear plant back online

b92.net Region Wednesday 30.03.2011 11:40

Source: Tanjug LJUBLJANA -- The Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) restarted its production early on Wednesday following an automatic shutdown on March 23 for safety reasons....more...

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EURO qualifiers: Serbia in draw against Estonia

b92.net Society Wednesday 30.03.2011 11:52

Source: B92 TALLINN -- Serbia played away in Tallinn and drew against hosts Estonia in a Group C qualifier for the EURO 2012 competition....more...

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“Kosovo institutional crisis may jeopardize talks”

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 10:38

Source: B92, Beta BELGRADE -- Kosovo President Behgjet Pacolli's appointment to office has been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. Pacolli has stated that he will act in accordance with the decision and hand over his duties. ...more...

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Protest in support of "KLA values"

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 10:15

Source: Tanjug PRIŠTINA -- Several hundred members of the former so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) protested Tuesday in Priština over the arrest of nine of their peers. The nine ethnic Albanians were arrested on suspicion that they had committed during the conflict in Kosovo....more...

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"Serbia in NATO would be threat to Russia"

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:39

Source: B92, Danas BELGRADE -- Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Konuzin says Serbia's possible decision to join NATO would put it at odds with Russia's security interests....more...

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All Serbian food producers to introduce HACCP

b92.net Business & Economy Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:55

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- All food producers and traders in Serbia must introduce the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system by June 11. This is according to the Food Safety Law, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) heard on Wednesday in Belgrade. ...more...

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Anti-African slur "to be investigated"

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:53

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- State Secretary for Justice Slobodan Homen says the authorities "should investigate Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Čedomir Jovanović's statement". It concerns an incident in parliament last week when Jovanović said Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić was "traveling to cannibals" when visiting countries in Africa....more...

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Pacolli resigns as Kosovo president

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:59

Source: Tanjug PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo President Behgjet Pacolli resigned on Wednesday after the Constitutional Court in Priština ruled that he was elected "unconstitutionally"....more...

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PM cancels meeting with EU official due to ill health

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 11:25

Source: Beta BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković, who is ill with flu, is receiving medical treatment at home this Wednesday. ...more...

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Bosniak Council elections postponed

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:02

Source: B92, Beta BELGRADE -- The Serbian authorities have decided to postpone elections for the Bosniak (Muslim) National Council, previously set to take place on April 17. This was announced on Wednesday in Belgrade by Local Administration and Human and Minority Rights Minister Milan Marković....more...

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Serbia and Germany ink readmission protocol

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 10:19

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- Serbian and German officials on Tuesday in Belgrade signed a readmission protocol. Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić and parliamentary State Secretary with the German Interior Ministry Ole Schroeder signed the document which covers a series of activities to solve the problem of fake asylum seekers....more...

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Serbs in north cut ties with EULEX

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 10:07

Source: Tanjug KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- The Kosovska Mitrovica municipality decided this week to cease cooperation and communication with the EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX. The councilors in the majority Serb, northern part of the ethnically divided town said their decision will be valid until the mission begins to act and work in line with the mandate it had been given....more...

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Telekom mentioned in additional EC questions

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 10:36

Source: B92, Tanjug BELGRADE -- EU Integration Office Director Milica Delević has stated that one out of 629 EC’s additional questions is about the tender for the sale of Telekom Srbija.

“The questions are mostly explanations and there is a certain number of essential, new questions,” she told B92. ...more...

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Deputy PM: No EU without reforms

b92.net Politics Wednesday 30.03.2011 11:39

Source: B92 BELGRADE -- If necessary reforms are not implemented by September, we will wait a year for the beginning for the EU accession negotiations, Deputy PM Božidar Đelić says. ...more...

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Ministry, district officials arrested

b92.net Crime & War crimes Wednesday 30.03.2011 17:06

Source: FoNet, Tanjug VALJEVO -- Assistant Infrastructure Minister Milorad Ilić and Kolubara District Head Milivoje Obrenović were arrested on Wednesday for abuse of office.

They are accused of abuse of office during the privatization of Jablanica public company in the western Serbian town of Valjevo. ....more...

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Double decker buses help revive Skopje's flair

se times

28/03/2011 The Macedonian capital revamps public transportation in a retro style. By Misko Taleski for Southeast European Times in Skopje – 28/03/11

Old and poorly maintained public transportation vehicles have for years affected passenger comfort and punctuality in many Balkan cities. After decades of using antiquated buses that are prone to breakdowns, Macedonia's capital has finally acquired a new fleet. ...more...

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UNHCR: Serbia tops global asylum-seekers' table

se times

9/03/2011 Although the number of asylum seekers fell worldwide, Serbia lodged 10,000 more claims last year than in 2009. (UNHCR, UN News Centre, B92, Swissinfo, The Sofia Echo - 28/03/11)

The number of asylum-seekers in the industrialised world continued to decline in 2010, to nearly half the level registered at the start of the 21st century, the UNHCR said in a report Monday (March 28th). ...more...

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Major drug bust in Albania

se times

29/03/2011 Authorities uncover their biggest cocaine stash ever. By Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Tirana – 29/03/11

Tirana's Serious Crimes Court on Sunday (March 26th) ordered the detention of businessman Dhimiter Harizaj on charges of involvement in international drug trafficking. The arrest follows the seizure of 200kg of cocaine -- found mixed into a shipment of palm oil. ...more...

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Weekend of discontent in Bulgaria

se times

28/03/2011 Crisis-hit Bulgaria witnessed a nationwide protest against soaring fuel prices Sunday. (RIA Novosti - 27/03/11; BNT, Sofia News Agency, The Sofia Echo, Dnevnik.bg, Mediapool, Standart, Darik -- 26/03/11 - 27/03/11)

Traffic along key roads in all major Bulgarian cities was disrupted Sunday (March 27th) afternoon as long columns of cars moved at a snail's speed during a nationwide protest against rising fuel prices in the Balkan nation. ...more...

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Turkey, US pledge to double bilateral trade

se times

28/03/2011 Ankara and Washington are exploring way to tap each other's markets. By Alakbar Raufoglu for Southeast European Times -- 28/03/11

Turkey is the world's 17th largest global economy, and has one of the fastest growth rates of any country. With consumer demand on the rise, businesses worldwide are seeking to find a niche in this important emerging market. Turkish companies, meanwhile, are finding more and more opportunities for export. ...more...

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US-Balkans Business Summit paves way for American investors

se times

29/03/2011 An introductory gathering shows enthusiastic support for developing US-Balkan business ties. By Zlatko Kovach for Southeast European Times in Baltimore – 29/03/11

The first-ever US-Balkans Business Summit, held in Baltimore from Wednesday (March 23rd) to March 24th, brought together government and business leaders from Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia in an effort to forge ties with US businesses. Regional co-operation was a major theme, with participants resolving to work together to promote opportunities in the Balkans. ...more...

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Lorik, raising pulses on and off the field

se times

28/03/2011 The talented midfielder serves as a model for other young Albanian players. By Jonilda Koci for Southeast European Times in Tirana -- 28/03/11

Lorik Cana is arguably the Albanians' most beloved football player. Born in Pristina, the son of famous Kosovar football player Agim Cana, he spent most of his childhood thinking and dreaming about football. ...more...

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Turkey faces challenge in Libya campaign

se times

29/03/2011 The current crisis poses a crucial test for Ankara's "zero problems with neighbours" policy, analysts say. By Justin Vela for Southeast European Times in Istanbul -- 29/03/11

With NATO taking command of the no-fly zone over Libya, experts say Turkey can claim a partial policy success. While acknowledging the need for involvement to prevent further bloodshed, Ankara has expressed reservations about the West playing too strong a role. ...more...

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Τετάρτη, 30 Μαρτίου 2011

PM: No one can have more than 49% of shares in INA



29.03.2011 21:16 Author: Radio.net

Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor announced on Tuesday that the government would propose amendments to the law regulating the privatisation of the national oil and gas company INA to ensure that no one could own more than 49 per cent of its shares....more...

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Croatian ambassador becomes NATO Assistant Secretary General



30.03.2011 13:04 Author: Radio.net

The Croatian Ambassador to the United States and former Foreign Minister Kolinda, Grabar Kitarovic, has been appointed NATO Secretary General's assistant for public diplomacy, the spokesman for the Croatian foreign ministry told press on Wednesday....more...

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Croatian PM arrives in Israel


Croatia - Israel

30.03.2011 12:14 Author: Radio.net

Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor on Wednesday arrived in Israel for an official visit and meetings with top Israeli officials....more...

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Krsko nuclear power plant reconnected to grid


Back in line

30.03.2011 11:18 Author: Radio.net

The Krsko nuclear power plant was reconnected to the grid at 3 AM on Wednesday, the plant said on its website....more...

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Book on threats, assaults against journalists presented


'Chronicle of Threats'

29.03.2011 21:43 Author: Radio.net

A book about 70 cases of death threats, systematic intimidation and physical assaults on journalists over the past 20 years was launched at the Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) on Tuesday....more...

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PM responds to criticism over electoral redistricting


Electoral rules

29.03.2011 21:00 Author: Radio.net

Responding to the opposition's criticism of proposed changes to the boundaries of constituencies, Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said on Tuesday that "everything stays the same, but we have to follow the demands, recommendations and decisions of the Constitutional Court."...more...

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Josipovic, Kosor voice concern about Bosnia situation


Political crisis

29.03.2011 21:30 Author: Radio.net

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said in a joint statement on Tuesday they were concerned about the deteriorating political crisis in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that they expected all factors in the country to protect the equality of the Bosnian Croats, Josipovic's office and the government said....more...

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EU wants concrete Hague results

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 16:41

Source: B92, Tanjug BELGRADE -- EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said on Tuesday in Belgrade that the further pace of Serbia's European integration depends solely on the country. EU member states would demand concrete results from Belgrade's cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), he said....more...

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EU enlargement fatigue is myth, MPs are told

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 15:17

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule on Tuesday in Belgrade addressed a session of the Serbian parliament.Fule called on the Serbian authorities to increase their efforts in conducting the reforms necessary to get a positive opinion on Serbia's EU membership application. ...more...

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Teams report "progress" in Kosovo meetings

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 09:31

Source: Beta BRUSSELS -- Belgrade and Priština negotiating team leaders Borislav Stefanović and Edita Tahiri said that some progress had been made at the second round of talks. They discussed land books and registries of births, deaths and marriages, but also power supply as they meet in Brussels on Monday....more...

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"Stability maintained in southern Serbia"


Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 10:38

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- Interior Minister Ivica Dačić says stability, public order and security of citizens and their property has been maintained in Bujanovac, Medveđa and Preševo. The three southern municipalities are home to the largest ethnic Albanian population in Serbia outside of Kosovo. ...more...

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European Commission sends more questions

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 15:19

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- The government's EU integration office says the European Commission (EC) "sent the last set of 629 additional questions". Those are meant to clarify the information that has already been submitted in response to the EC questionnaire. ...more...

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Serbia, Germany to sign readmission protocol

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 12:04

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- Serbian and German officials will today sign a protocol on readmission, it has been announced. The document will be signed in Belgrade Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dačić and Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of the Interior Ole Schroeder....more...

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"Serbian prosecution acts independently"

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 12:45

Source: B92 BELGRADE -- Justice Minister Snežana Malović says that the prosecution acted independently in the Ražnatović case, and that it did not succumb to any political pressure....more

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Protest note over LDP leader's "cannibal" remark

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 15:53

Source: Beta BELGRADE -- The African Group has sent a protest note to Serbia over statements heard last week from the leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP), Čedomir Jovanović. Criticizing the country's policy on the conflict in Libya, Jovanović addressed Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić and said that instead of "traveling to cannibals in Africa", he should "react to the plight of civilians in Libya". ...more...

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Kosovo president elected "unconstitutionally"

b92.net Politics Tuesday 29.03.2011 09:46

Source: B92, Tanjug PRIŠTINA -- The Constitutional Court of Kosovo announced on Monday that the last election of the president was unconstitutional, said reports. The court thereby accepted the arguments of the Democratic League of Kosovo and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo....more...

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Dodik: High rep suspends credibility

b92.net Region Tuesday 29.03.2011 13:30

Source: Tanjug BANJA LUKA -- Milorad Dodik says the move to suspend decisions made by the Bosnian Election Commission (CIK) in turn suspended the credibility of the international community. The decision was announced yesterday in Sarajevo by High Representative Valentin Inzko's office, and refers to Bosnia's other entity - the Muslim-Croat Federation....more...

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Turkey condemned for "raids in search of unpublished book"


Source: IPI VIENNA -- Turkey has been condemned for raids staged by its police last week in search of draft copies of an unpublished book by imprisoned journalist Ahmet Sik. The book reportedly focuses on the influence of an alleged Islamic group within the country's police force, the International Press Institute (IPI) said in a statement....more...

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Govt. tells Austrians to increase Telekom bid

b92.net Business & Economy Tuesday 29.03.2011 17:00

Source: Beta BELGRADE -- The Serbian government today asked Telekom Austria to increase the bid it offered in order to buy a 51 percent stake in Telekom Srbija.The Austrian company was the sole bidder in a tender that closed last week, offering EUR 900mn for shares and EUR 450mn for investments. ...more...

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Football transfer indictment against folk star

b92.net Crime & War crimes Tuesday 29.03.2011 10:51

Source: Tanjug BELGRADE -- Folk singer Svetlana Ražnatović has been indicted for stealing some 4mn German marks and over USD 3mn from player transfers from FC Obilić to foreign clubs....more...

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Thousands protest against EU's Kosovo mission


Published: 30 March 2011

Thousands of people took to the streets of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, to protest against the EU's law enforcement mission Eulex, which was recently behind the arrest of Kosovar rebels for war crimes committed during the 1998-99 war of secession from Serbia. Yesterday's protest was organised by several veteran organisations of the 1998-99 war and joined by an umbrella group of NGOs as well as students to "defend the honour of the KLA during the war"....more...

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The diva, her warlord and a football fraud trial


The wife of the late war criminal Arkan is accused of stealing €4.5m in a case dividing Serbia

By Vesna Peric Zimonjic in Belgrade

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Svetlana Raznatovic, one of Serbia's most popular folk singers and former wife of the Serbian warlord Arkan, is to face trial for allegedly stealing millions of euros from transfers of football players during her time as the head of the Belgrade club Obilic....more...

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Yes, Nato's defence of Kosovo was long and costly, but it was certainly justified


Intervention not only halted ethnic cleansing but laid a path to democracy

The Guardian, Wednesday 30 March 2011

David N Gibbs suggests that Nato's 1999 aerial campaign in Serbia set an abysmal precedent for future humanitarian interventions, including the current intervention in Libya (A template for disaster, 22 March)....more...

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Serb singer Ceca charged with embezzlement


Widow of paramilitary leader Arkan also accused of illegal possession of weapons

guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 29 March 2011 18.05 BST

The pin-up star for Serbia's ultra-nationalist movement, and diva of Serbian turbo-folk music, Svetlana Raznatovic, known by her stage moniker Ceca, has been charged with embezzling funds from a football club and illegal possession of weapons....more...

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Serbian Singer, Widow Of Warlord 'Arkan' Indicted For Embezzlement

radio free europe March 29, 2011 Local media report that superstar Serbian turbofolk singer Ceca, the widow of Serbian warlord and paramilitary "Tigers" commander Arkan, has been indicted on charges of embezzlement and illegal arms possession....more... read more: radio free europe http://www.rferl.org/content/serbian_singer_wideo_warlord_arkan_indicted_embezzlement/3540412.html

Kosovars Await Next Step After Presidential Vote Nullified

radio free europe

March 29, 2011 By RFE/RL PRISTINA -- Opposition politicians in Kosovo have welcomed a ruling by the country's highest court nullifying the election by parliament of a new president.Behgjet Pacolli, a multimillionaire with close ties to Russia, was selected during a parliament session last month that was boycotted by a number of lawmakers....more

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Τρίτη, 29 Μαρτίου 2011

Govt. will offer higher wages to public sector

b92.net Politics Monday 28.03.2011 16:43

Source: B92 BELGRADE -- The Serbian government will offer unions and employers a social agreement that would guarantee social stability - according to Labor Minister Rasim Ljajić....more...

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Tadić touches on northern Kosovo

b92.net Politics Monday 28.03.2011 09:30

Source: Tanjug BRUSSELS -- President Boris Tadić stated in Brussels on Sunday that "any agreement reached with Kosovo must be based on the reality in the field". According to him, that reality is that "Kosovo Albanians will never accept the sovereignty of Serbia, just like Serbs in the north of the province will never accept the sovereignty of Kosovo". ...more...

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